“I’d always been curious about meditation but like many, was hesitant. I worried that I didn’t have enough time, that it was something I wouldn’t be able to grasp, or worse, that it was some sort of gimmick. I used to be someone who worried about the little things and I noticed that these worries were increasingly taking the fun out of my day to day. When I first approached Steph I still had my reservations, yet Stef’s calm demeanour and rounded knowledge of the practice helped ease my fears as I jumped into the unknown. The practice has completely changed how I live my life. I take more risks, sleep better, have better relationships and am content with life in every way.

Stef’s passion for the practice translates into her teaching. I’ve recommended Stef to a number of friends, family and colleagues and every single one has come out saying what an amazing teacher she is and how much easier life has become. When I look back, my only regret is that I didn’t take the leap earlier!”

Thea - Corporate partnerships manager

“Learning VM from Stef has been amazing! Coming into the practice for the first time I was amazed how quickly I picked up the process with Stef’s easy instruction and logical explanation to all questions. I have a feeling of rested balance when I commit too myself to 2 x 20 minute mediations a day. The results of regular practice are obvious to those around me, VM is an amazing technique that is now part of my life skills. ”

James - Business Owner & Director

“I learnt Vedic Meditation with Stephanie about 2 years ago now. I am so grateful I learnt from such a kind, warm and knowledgeable person. She helped me to feel comfortable and safe whilst learning this technique. Using easy to understand language and breaking down these ancient ideas and concepts that have been passed down for thousands of years into bite size pieces of information spread out over a couple of days so I didn’t get overwhelmed and felt comfortable. Stephanie has a beautiful way of making you feel safe, comfortable and nurtured through the whole process. She also inspired me to make this a daily practice in just her being-ness. She has a wonderful energy and beautiful nature you can’t help but enjoy the process with laughter and a lightness that makes the initiation truly fun and enjoyable. Thanks Stef!! Vedic meditation has changed my life in more ways than one. I do a lot of other inner work but VM has been the consistent tool in my kit that has been the beautiful maintainer in my spiritual evolution.”

Katie - DJ

I couldn't recommend Stephanie highly enough. I can be very careful in choosing services of this nature, however, Stephanie had a very welcoming energy from the first chat I had with her. As much as she teaches, she also listens (and understands) where you are at in your "journey", and can tailor the way in which she teaches to accommodate that. Whether you are a sceptic or someone who wants to further their understanding, she has the ability to relate on all levels. I have kept up the practice that she has passed onto me every single day since I had finished the course and she was kind enough to check in on me a week later to help me with any questions or concerns. Nearly every aspect of my life has begun to change, whether that is from an external perspective or my internal perception and understanding that I do not control the outcomes of life and to accept all things (good or bad) as necessary to my development. Vedic meditation has helped me to download the day and release any tension or negativity that may have happened and then to re-energise for the next. If you are serious about a change, this is a great start.

Daniel - Digital Marketing