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Less doing, more Being

A meditation practice is a daily choice to be more rested, less stressed, more creative and available to act with relevance to the present moment. With proper instruction anyone can effortlessly access their own innate baseline of bliss. Let me teach you this ancient technique in a simple, practical, and modern way.

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What people say...


“Vedic Meditation has completely changed how I live my life. I take more risks, sleep better, have better relationships and am content with life in every way. When I look back, my only regret is that I didn’t take the leap earlier!”

Thea - Consultant

“Nearly every aspect of my life has begun to change, whether that is from an external perspective or my internal perception. Vedic meditation has helped me to download the day and release any tension or negativity that may have happened and then to re-energise for the next. If you are serious about a change, this is a great start.”

Daniel - Digital Media

“I have a feeling of rested balance when I commit myself to 2 x 20 minute mediations a day. The results of regular practice are obvious to those around me, VM is an amazing technique that is now part of my life skills.”

James - Business Owner


Less stress = greater adaptibility.

It's the key to navigating life's curve balls with happiness and ease.





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"no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." 

Albert Einstein



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